Induction for Reception

Milton Keynes Council have allocated places to children for September 2017 intake. If you have been successful in obtaining a place at Russell Street School, we look forward to welcoming your child into our Reception Year Group in September and you will have received a letter detailing our induction process. 

Children new to Russell Street School are offered a home visit. This will give your child the opportunity to meet staff in a familiar environment. The focus of the visit will be to learn about your child: their interests, needs and strengths. You will have been advised of the date and times of your individual home visits which start in the week commencing Monday 19th June.

On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September you will be invited to bring your children for a "Stay and Play" session to help them to settle into the school. You will be advised of the times at our Induction Evening on Monday 26th May.

From Wednesday 6th September  your child is invited to attend school every morning (Wednesday-Friday). On Monday 11th and Tuesday  12th September you can order a hot lunch and children can be picked up at 1.30pm.

On Wednesday 13th September we will be offering full time. Please note that this is an offer.   You can continue with mornings if you feel that this would suit your child better.

We realise that some working parents may find the induction arrangements difficult.  Unlike Day Nurseries, we are starting large numbers of children at one point in the year.  Our aim is to ensure that the start of school is a happy and confident time for all of the children.   If you need to delay your child’s start until Wednesday  13th September, when full time is available, then please let us know.