Healthy Schools (including Sports Premium)


We strongly promote healthy lifestyles.

Our curriculum includes Personal and Health Education, SEAL (social & emotional aspects of learning), Restorative Practices and Values Education which are reinforced across subject areas, in daily routines and assemblies. We believe that children learn best in a safe and happy environment where their levels of well-being and involvement are high. 

Our Year 1 and 2 children all take part in our 'Forest School'.

Children have:
  • At least 3 hours of physical activity a week, including 2 PE lessons and 2 sport lunch clubs
  • Opportunities to join a range of sports clubs
  • PE apparatus at playtimes
  • Access to water during the school day
  • Free school fruit every morning
  • Access to hot school meals
  • Access to subsidised school milk

Sports Premium

This year, as part of the Olympic Legacy, we have received additional funding of £8,607 for Sports and Outdoor Education. We have invested this money in developing the range of equipment available for dance, break equipment and for gross motor development. We have also used the money to create trim trail along the side playground.

The impact of this spending is that: children are motivated to take part in physical activity on their way in and out of school; the range of fitness equipment is motivating and ensures a wide range of practice for balance and core strength; following expansion of the school, the quality of PE resources is sufficient for the number of classes. Resources provided for PE and clubs ensure that provision for physical development is outstanding.

Feedback from the children has been overwhelmingly positive. They enjoy the outdoor apparatus. Children show confidence in their physical abilities and a positive attitude towards healthy life styles. They show real resilience in practising until they can traverse the trail confidently. They tell us that they enjoy active break times and PE lessons.

 PE developments since additional funding began in 2013 include:

  • Sprung hall flooring and gymnastic equipment
  • Traversing wall and safety flooring
  • Forest School training and resources
  • Resourcing of additional lunch and after school sports clubs which are accessed by every pupil
  • Resourcing of dance, athletics, gym, basketball, badminton, tennis, gross & fine motor interventions, playtime equipment
  •  A covered outdoor area
  •  A trim trail along the access route into school
  • Fitness apparatus on the bottom playground

Information about healthy lunch boxes is provided for parents during induction.  Further information can be found at:

Our spending has been focused on large infrastructure projects in order to ensure that the benefits are sustainable.