Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Each child who is eligible for free school meals, or has been within 6 years, brings additional funding to the school. This is called Pupil Premium. In the last financial year we received £46,420 pupil premium funding.

We used this money to:

  • give support to pupil premium children to access clubs, including Breakfast Club and Infant Brass.
  • provide curriculum enhancements; such as, educational visits and visiting groups without a request for a voluntary contribution
  • provide training for all staff in attachment disorder
  • provide 1:1 and small group tuition with trained teaching assistants using targeted invterventions; including, Speech and Language, Read, Write Inc, Numicon, Better Readers, Social Skills, Protective Behaviours
  • provide Reading Recovery and Every Child Counts 1:1 support with a trained teachers and support staff for children who fit the programme criteria
  • train support staff to deliver speech and language interventions (Elkan certificate and dissemination)
  • Cliker (ICT writing tool) provision and training
Impact of the Spending:

We measure the impact of spending by monitoring and evaluating: pupil & parent voice, tracking of pupil progress and achievement, Personal Education Plan and FACT reviews, Leuven well-being and involvement scales. Pupil Premium children have developed their wider interests and skills, participating in brass lessons, sports and arts clubs. Monitoring shows that pupils made good progress in relation to their starting points. At the end of Key Stage 1, eleven pupils were eligible. Six of these pupils were also on the Special Education Needs Register. Forty five percent of eligible pupils achieved the expected standard across Reading, Writing and Mathematics.


Applying for Pupil Premium and Free School Meals
Please contact the school office or follow the link below to register for Pupil Premium.