Week commencing 30th March

Nursery Activities for the Week...

Over the week you could carry out the following activities with your child:

  •        Read a rhyming book.  Can your child identify the rhyming words?  Create rhyming strings such as bat, cat and mat.  You could use Oxford Owl.  It is a free resource.  You just need to join and you will have access to e-books.  The website is: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

The book band level you need to choose is pink.  Press the play button and listen to ‘Family Poems’ together and listen out for the rhyming words.

  •        Practise top to bottom lines and anti-clockwise circles in materials, such as, sensitive shaving foam, sand or using chalks outside.
  •        Make up a new counting rhyme; for example, at Nursery we changed the words to ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ to ‘Five Little Spotty Dogs’. The children love it when the spotty dog eats a bone and says “woof woof”!  Why not make up a rhyme about Five Little Tabby Cats?  They could sit on a cosy mat!
  •        Practise cutting skills with child-friendly scissors.
  •        Encourage your child to eat with a knife and fork at meal times.
  •        Give your child the opportunity to get dressed independently including putting on their own shoes.
  •        Go out for a walk or scooter ride and look for signs of spring.  Encourage your child to talk about the changes that they have observed.
  •        Practise catching a large ball.
Your child could have age-appropriate jobs that they do every day, such as, helping you get the table ready or planting and weeding in the garden.