About Us

Russell Street School was originally known as the British School and has been in existence since 1844. It moved into the present buildings in 1907. In 1970 Russell Infants was formed and has now been renamed Russell Street School.
Russell Street School is a Local Authority school that caters for boys and girls. We cover the Early Years Foundation Stage (3-5 years old), which includes a nursery and reception class and Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds). We are a three class entry school and have a maximum of 288 places, which includes 78 part-time nursery places.
A warm and welcoming atmosphere is a key feature of our school. We are committed to providing a high level of care for our children, ensuring that they remain safe and happy and that their personal, social and emotional needs are met.
Our school is at the heart of our community both locally and at a more international level. Our parents are highly involved in school life through our Parents’ Association and as regular visitors and helpers in school. We use our town and locality as a resource in our learning and participate actively in community events like Stony in Bloom. We also have strong links with other community groups in Stony Stratford.
International partnerships with schools in Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus and Finland give our children the opportunity to learn about other countries in immediate and real contexts. Children learn Spanish from Nursery through to Year 2.
Academic progress is ensured through thorough assessments and a curriculum that matches the need of individuals. We carefully map out the provision for children throughout the ability range and are able to offer 1:1 teaching for selected children through ‘Every Child a Reader’ and ‘Every Child Counts’ programmes. A ‘growth mindset’ is nurtured in our children helping them to develop self belief and a positive attitude to challenge.
A commitment to outdoor education supports our drive to provide for the needs of all children. Through outdoor activities our children learn independence, self motivation, communication and social skills. They learn about mathematics, science, humanities and technology in real, fun and exciting contexts.