Our motto is 'KEEP UP, NOT CATCH UP!' 

We methodically track children's progress and intervene at the earliest opportunity to ensure children 'keep up' and do not have to 'catch up'.

Nursery and Reception are assessed against the Foundation Stage Framework.  Full details can be found at the end of our Nursery and Reception Guides.

Key Stage One - Apart from Maths and English, we assess all other subjects against our skills and knowledge overviews.  Our curriculum is planned to fully incorporate these very demanding, clearly progressive overviews and goes beyond the National Curriculum in terms of breath, balance, knowledge and skills.  Our learning therefore builds towards very clearly defined end points that ensure children are more than ready for the next stage in their education.

Writing is assessed against ‘The Write Stuff’ framework.

Reading is assessed against the ‘Hooked on Books’ framework.

Maths is assessed using the ‘White Rose Maths’ framework.

The above frameworks reach above and beyond the End of Key Stage Checklists seen below.